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Class 6 Chapter 5

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Chapter 6 — God's Law

(Note: Although these questions arise from specific sections of the chapter, please allow the whole chapter to possibly supplement your answers.)


I. Discuss the nature of God's Law?



II Discuss the role of the Conscience. List three sources of error. Note the hope of believers.



III. What is the risk in appealing to the different uses of the Law?


___A. Discuss the first use of the law. Also include: What does it do? What can it never do?


_____Discuss the confusion of the two kinds of righteousness.


___B. Discuss the second use of the law.

______What four things are reflected in this mirror ("God's Law reflects . . .")?

______Briefly discuss each.


_____What is the ultimate aim of this use of the law?

_____Why does Satan stick his hand in this "theological use"?


_____ C. Discuss the third use of the Law. Include what it is about the believer that

_____ causes us to talk about this third use.





first use (of the law)

second use (of the law)

third use (of the law)

theological use (of the law), usus theologicus

political use (of the law), usus politicus



guide or rule

both righteous and sinful, simul justus et peccator



Golden Rule






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