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Class 5 Chapter 4
Date: 10-3-02

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Chapter 5 — Sin and Evil

(Note: Although these questions arise from specific sections of the chapter, please allow the whole chapter to possibly supplement your answers.)


Discuss the two categories into which the reasons for the gap between hopes/dreams and reality can
be divided.


In what historic event are these problems (this problem, "evil") ulitmately rooted.


Discuss the creation and fall of angels.


What is Satan's primary goal?


How does this goal of Satan relate to "original sin"?


How is original sin evident in babies?


Why is the teaching of "original sin" offensive to people?


Discuss the relationship of ?original sin? to the bound will and both horizontal and vertical relationships.


Why does KOLB discuss the Fall as a "falling upwards"? How is this related to "Pride"?


Discuss "defensiveness," both Adam's reaction to God after the fall and our own.


"We cannot do it right because at the core of our beings we are not right, that is, we are not right with God." Discuss (How would you explain this idea to somebody),.

After discussing several ways of distinguishing sin, KOLB discusses the complexities of evil in human experience. Discuss the four forms of evil which do not sort out easily as either our fault or the fault of someone or something else.

What is the human reaction to being overwhelmed by evil from outside ourselves? From inside ourselves? What ultimately can bring resolution to each of these reactions?







original sin(p. 90, 92, 98)





"being curved in upon ourselves" (incurvatus in se)

actual sin

"first table"

"second table"

external sin

internal sin

sin of commission

sin of ommission

voluntary (or planned) sin

involuntary (or unplanned)sin

occassional sin

habitual sin

individual sin

communal sin

venial sin

mortal sin

"unforgivable sin"









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