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Class 10 - Chapter 9

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Chapter 10 - The Holy Spirit and the Conversion of the Sinner

(Note: Although these questions arise from specific sections of the chapter, please allow the whole chapter to possibly supplement your answers.)


What four works listed in the third article of the Augsburg Confession does KOLB note as being worked by Christ through the Holy Spirt?


What is the "one" work, and means for this work, of the Holy Spirit highlighted from the fifth article?


List the four points that KOLB highlights in support for the Confessions that the Holy Spirit is Lord (true God).


What is the twofold goal of the Holy Spirit as "Giver of (New) Life"?


Where does the Holy Spirit always point us and our lives?


"God's voice comes from outside us." His word is an external word, an externum verbum. Discuss the significance of this and give some examples.


List the five forms of the external word or "Gospel" which Luther listed in the Smalcald Articles.


Discuss the aim of the Holy Spirit?s Work through the viva vox evangelii, the "living voice of the Gospel." (Also see pages 191-193).


What are the two sacramental forms of the Word?


What are the three elements which define a sacrament in the Lutheran churches?


"Like the hearing and reading of the Word, receiving [the Word] sacramentally works faith and works through faith. Without faith the benefits do not penetrate our lives." Discuss. What is the
danger from the Medieval Roman posistion? What is the danger from the "some Protestants" position?


To what does KOLB attribute the lack of a "strong sense" of sin in the "Greek tradition"?


"God's total responsibility for our lives contradicts total human responsibility, it seems." What are the two "logical" human answers?


"On July 17, 1984 I asked Jesus to come into my heart." Assuming that the speaker is a Christian, discuss this claim.


List the contributions that a person makes to his conversion.


Being prepared to be an effective witness to God's saving love and power entails what two burdens?


"The process of re-creation is instantaneous and at the same time lasts throughout human life." Discuss.



"means of grace"

sanctification (2)

externum verbum

viva vox evangelii



ex opere operato





Council of Constantinople, 381

Peter Lombard


John 14:16-18

John 16:7-14







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