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S-080 Basic Christian Doctrine
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Class 3 Chapter 2
Date: 9-19-02

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Chapter 3 — Creator and Creatures

(Note: Although these questions arise from specific sections of the chapter, please allow the whole chapter to possibly supplement your answers.)


Discuss the implications of God's Fatherly care being a gift.


"Although Eden's gates are closed, God's "very good" still echoes, though often faintly." Discuss the main themes to which this alludes and reflect on the previous chapters in light of it.


To what fields of human effort do you think KOLB addresses the discussion on "Good Order"?


What symbolism does KOLB find in "dust" and "breath"? How does this relate to the framework discussed in chapter one and the "Image of God" p. 53 ff?


Kolb highlights the distinctions of Body-Soul and Body-Soul-Spirit anthropology. How can these distinctions be used without falling into the trap of the material-spiritual distinction which chapter 2 called bad?


Why does Kolb think "Trust" is a better than "Spirit" to describe the "human end of our relationship with God?


"God lords it under, not over, his creation." Discuss.

Discuss the four (2 in one paragraph) establishments of creation ("The doctrine of creation establishes...".)


"The Gospel assures us that our entire life lies safe in God's hand and that he is responsible for all in his created order; his Law demands responsible action from us at every turn." KOLB calls this a paradox. Discuss the issues.


How does Paul's teaching of the "resurrection of the body" counter two errors of Gnosticism?


Why is "truly theistic evolution" not possible?


Terms and People


ex nihilo


"in his own image" (4)

dominion, "lordship"




"Biblical" freedom

:Bondage of the Will"

"Things above"

"things below"


Deism (3)

dualism (ethical)


"progressive exaltation"



atheistic evolution



"Social Darwinism"

C.S. Lewis

Baruch Spinoza

Manes or Manichaeus

Charles Darwin

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel







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