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Class 17 Chapter 16
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Chapter 17— The Public Ministry

(Note: Although these questions arise from specific sections of the chapter, please allow the whole chapter to possibly supplement your answers.)


For what did God design the public ministry?


Relate the public ministry to the "priesthood of believers" in terms of the "horizontal realm" and the "vertical realm.?


Relate the concepts of freedom and order.


What reason for the publica minstry is " far more important than any sociological reasons?" Discuss.


What is the origin of the term "pastoral office?"


Discuss the issues involved with using the term, "ministry."


In "power" struggles, what biblical presupposition needs to be remembered?


What are the "Keys?"


Discuss the nature of the personal characteristics for bishops/pastors.


On the question of female pastors, KOLB notes, "The cultural argument cuts both ways." Discuss.


Distinguish God's call through the congregation and the mentality of "hire" and "fire."


"The Word remains the Lord's; the calling remains the Lord's." Discuss.


Distinguish the church's call from the "personal call."


Although God did not command nor institute the rite of ordination, what two "ordering" roles does it play"


Distinguish a "functional view" from an "ontological view" of the public ministry.


T/F The Pastor rules in the church.

T/F The Congregation rules in the church.

T/F The Word rules in the church.



episkopos, bishop

presbyteros, elder


"ministry of reconciliation""Office of the Keys"

"Holy Ministry"

"personal call"








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