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Class 15 Chapter 14
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Chapter 15— The Sanctified Life, or New Obedience

(Note: Although these questions arise from specific sections of the chapter, please allow the whole chapter to possibly supplement your answers.)


Remember, the term, "Sanctification," may be used to describe the human response to God's word or the Holy Spirit's work of forgiving sins through the Gospel: calling, gathering, enlightening, and sanctifying (see KOLB, 181 and "TERMS" Chapter 10).


Read Luke 7:36-50. Reflect on the connection between Faith, Forgiveness, and Love.


In discussing the third use of the Law ("Guide" or "Rule"), we noted how by faith the Spirit works through forgiveness to change our attitude to the Law. Discuss the four ways KOLB describes this "faith motivation."


KOLB also mentions the role of prayer. List the three false motivations for prayer.


God "created human creatures to exercise the dominion of service under other parts of his creation and to praise and serve him through their care of others." KOLB's discussion of this design can be divided into Vocations, Virtues, and Spiritual Gifts.


List the four situations into which Christian vocations can be separated.


Why does Luther call us "masks of God"?


What is the relationship between differing cultures and disagreements in specific instances? Of what, then, do believers need to be conscious? What are the implications of this ambiguity for the "whole Christian life?"


How does the concept of "virtues" aid the Christian in life?


Distinguish " (KOLB relates spiritual gifts to 3 articles of creed)


KOLB also notes two other kinds of "spiritual gift." List them.


Reflect on how "making God-pleasing decisions" is different from simple obedience.


KOLB divdes the notion of the "crucified life" into three areas. Discuss each.


Discuss the relationship between Christian freedom, false "leagalism," and causing offence.



"new obedience"


"four situations of human service"





"natural virtue"

"theological virtue"

"spiritual gift"

adiaphoron, adiaphora









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