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Class 18 Chapter 17
Date: 2-27-03

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Chapter 18— Last Things and New Beginning

(Note: Although these questions arise from specific sections of the chapter, please allow the whole chapter to possibly supplement your answers.)


Reflect on why the Christian emphasis on beginnings, ends, and new beginnings is in conflict with Western Society, and even with Eastern society (though they may use similar language).


Relate Baptism to Judgment Day.


Why is it important to recognize that "Death remains the enemy?"


Discuss the cyclical and the linear views of history.


What is Hell?


What is Heaven?


Discuss the tension between emphasizing and overemphasizing heaven.


How does the already-not yet view of the end balance the views of realized and future eschatology?


What is the benifit of being given " apocalyptic" signs of the end? What is the danger? (Ponder)


Reflect on the identity of the Papacy as " Antichrist " or " man of sin."


What problem prompts unhealthy speculation about details of the future? What error in biblical interpretation underlies millennial teachings?


What are the "two attendant dangers of millennial doctrine?"


"The triumph of the resurrection gives us new life in the midst of tribulation, not in escape from it," until the last day. Reflect on this in light of the Lutheran presuppositions.


Resurrection of the human body and life everlasting of the human creature stands in contrast to both the Neoplatonic systems and the Gnostic systems. Discuss.


What does "Paul [conclude]" from the transformation of our resurrected bodies on the last day?




future eschatology

realized eschatology


"apocalyptic literature"

"the Antichrist" and "antichrists" and "man of sin" (be able to relate and distinguish)



dispensational premillenialism



John Nelson Darby

1 Corinthians 15







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