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Class 4 - Chapter 3 : Date: 9-26-02

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Chapter 4 — God Provides

(Note: Although these questions arise from specific sections of the chapter, please allow the whole chapter to possibly supplement your answers.)


God provides for the whole creation, but believers have a special confidence. Discuss, citing bible passages.


Distinguish the "cry of faith" from the "cry of unbelief ". Discuss.


"God is Lord over evil," in my opinion, is a confession of faith. Defend this assertion.


KOLB describes three ways in which God preserves and provides through the created order. Briefly discuss each (glance at next two questions).


List the four situations of for human community.


List the three types of miracles derived from "the perspective of human analysis."

God also provides through angels. List the 5 activities in which and in addition to which they praise and worship God.


"God's judgement is designed not first of all to punish but to call to repentance." How can this be statement be wrongly understood? How is it righly understood?


List the four "natural" answers to the question of theodicy.


What two answers do we have for certain about evil?


List the 5 "biblical responses" to the question of theodicy noting the weaknesses and strengths of each.


In light of this whole chapter, discuss God's providence as an article of faith.





"response-abilities" (vocations)



"absolute will"

"permissive will"

providence (short def.)

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